Rebellewear & Circusphere

offering collections of clothing, jewelry and accessories of our own unique design, manufactured during several years of traveling in Bali, Indonesia or handmade in Bucharest, Romania. 

Our designs range from special party style pieces to streetwear, versatile garments to combine both easy going Pret a Porter styles and playful, magical circus wear as well as gear style and unique leather designs we created. Currently we have over 40 different designs we developed with a shared and original sense of style and are working on new collections as we love renewing every year.

We designed all of the prints we use and we aim to be sustainable and make our production in fairtrade using natural and organic fabric. We also created a limited edition collection of one of a kind funky, unique pieces or psychedelic printed style pieces such as optical illusion print weaved carefully in combination with solid colors. 

We curate a jewelry collection that contains our own silver and stones designs, shell/ wood and bone sculpted in Bali mixed with brass or silver and few other pieces carefully selected in  our travels. Our jewelry and accessories collection enhances & further defines our concept of style where we mix exquisite, intricate pieces of designer jewelry with simple yet chic pieces or tribal and sacred geometry favorites. 

We offer unique, handmade leather halters, pouches and belts and a special edition of digital printed items that are being produced in our studio/workshop in Bucharest.


For our Pret-a-Porter collections we used rayon, cotton or bamboo organic fabrics with lycra that are ideal for dancing/yoga offering comfort and freedom of movement which we combined with our trademark prints. 

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