Rebelle - the beautiful rebel in all of us

Label created by a traveling independent designer, artist and free spirit based both in Northern California and started off in Bali, Indonesia.

My name is Cristiana and this is my back story and mission about this brand.

I started developing my own sense of style to fit my unique self from a very early age growing up in Bucharest, Romania with an attraction to misfits and alternative people of the city. 

When I moved to California and started studying arts further developing my creative side; I decided that fashion was best the way for me to express this burst of creativity.

I have been traveling for almost 2 decades now, enjoying life as a rebel on the road and realizing what a blessing it is to be an international citizen; I used to be completely free to travel anywhere.

From these strong roots, my vision of leading an artist traveller lifestyle has sprung, and it has manifested creatively in fashion through the design of unique styles for young women around the world that are not afraid to express themselves.


Rebellewear for Free Spirits

I launched Rebellewear back in 2015 as a lifestyle brand for strong, confident and free spirited people. Lots has happened since.

We used to be vending at festivals throughout California and also internationally in Europe and Australia. We were a pirate vendor at the beginings before making shops. We collaborate with other artists and artisans in creating shop experiences in various festivals around the globe to this day. 

My mission still is to craft and curate unique and magical limited edition pieces that are affordable, versatile and fit for unconventional lifestyles where traveling, dancing, yoga, work and play can sometimes occur all in the same day. My clothes and jewelry collections are globally sourced and made according to ethical and fair trade principles. I am also very conscious about the materials I use and the jewelry is made by local Indonesian families of artisans that I support.

Some of the events where you can spot Rebellewear are:

Boom Festival, Lighting in a Bottle, 

Sonic Bloom,  Universo Paralelo and more

Rebelle now represents a way of bringing together “under one roof” the creations of talented artists & artisans from all over.

Our online shop was created as a portal to an amazing global artists’ collective and our exquisite creations. 

Join us into the New Paradigm of Fashion! 


 Vision for the future

Rebellewear, however, is not meant to just be a clothing line. It represents a synthesis of my growth and my love for travel and it is meant to inspire YOU, the vibrant souls who love exploring and living free, to let your spirit shine, to express your uniqueness through beauty and art, and to live your life from your highest potential. I hope you will enjoy wearing my pieces as much as I enjoyed making them, and I hope they allow you to express your inner freedom and the beautiful rebel within you.

In the future, I would like Rebellewear to become a world tribe of artists, designers, and artisans that support each other to live freely while simultaneously having all the resources they need to live artfully anywhere they wish. Thus, I would like Rebellewear to eventually inspire people to make friends with their intuition and choose exhilaration over comfort, potential over safety so that they can finally wake up to the magic of what every day life should be.

You can contact me at

Instagram: rebellewear